In that Bohemian hell hole?

In the history of mankind, the film camera is a relatively new invention. Whatever its original purpose was, it’s main function soon became: to keep us quite and entertained for a couple of hours (or to educate, or to brainwash.)Addicted to LoveBut of course, the effects are much longer lasting. In the past, performers would retire or die and they would be gone. Now their work endures on giant television screens. Meg Ryan movies still get new reviews and people debate whether Meg was more natural than Michelle. It’s as if they’re on a perpetual A-list.Maggie and SamThere’s something so strange about that, when you really think about it — these people still shape and form parts of our lives long after they’ve exited centre stage. Was it meant to be this way? Did nature intend for us to be able to press rewind and relive the past?Voyeuristic MaggieA motion picture is a snapshot; something created by a group of people some time in the past for reasons we’ll never fully know. People make movies because they’re inspired, or because they’re impressed by a script, or because they have three-pictures left on their contracts. There are all sorts of reasons. But these movies last for life and they take on new meanings which have nothing to do with the intentions of their creators.Biker MaggieOne Fine Day meant something, in 1997, because we were all spending our time on our first mobile phones. But what will it mean in fifty years? What does Citizen Kane mean now and what did it mean when Orson Welles directed it? Addicted to Love captured my heart, imagination and soul in a way so few films have ever done. And it leaves me longing, longing for more of Robert Gordon’s dialogue and another glimpse of Maggie.Greenwich VillageI wonder where Maggie is in 2014? Are her and Sam still together? These questions are foolish, perhaps; as they were the work of fantasy in 1997, just as they are now. But films do hold resonance in the years they are made. They have meaning, they reflect society. But when people like me and you still find meaning in them long after the fact, we’re in a minority.Maggie and Sam's Bohemian hell holeOn our worst days, we act like we’re in on a secret; like we ‘get it’ — but holding on to the romance of the past is always accompanied by disappointment and a lack of understanding of so much of what’s happening in the world around us. Do we watch these movies just for comfort, to console us in some way; or are they relevant and valuable in today’s world?


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