Dialogue#1- Rita Boyle and Peter Hoskins

I’ll admit it, sometimes even the most passionate fan can be wrong. Many years ago I would tell anyone who would listen about how Michelle Pfeiffer was the Queen of all she surveys in modern film. But that was before I’d experienced Prelude to a Kiss and the breathtaking presence of Meg Ryan. Oh sure, I had already seen When Harry Met Sally, but I still wasn’t prepared. It came as a shock to Michelle and myself, but like that, the spell was cast. Pfeiffer’s Ice Princess shattered into a million shards, Meg was the new queen.A New QueenWhen I gazed upon her, it was immediately apparent what separated her from the dozens of other willowy blondes in their movies. There was a freedom in Meg’s physical work that was unique and very special. She would suddenly make a move that couldn’t have been called for in any script, the kind of playful move that was more real than cute. Meg and co-star Alec Baldwin steal the first act of the film, as an esoteric romance blooms between them.RitaThen, in the space of barely one scene, Prelude to a Kiss turns into a quirky body-switch flick as an old man approaches Meg and their lips meet. Much like the film this post is in danger of taking an unexpected turn; into wild reminiscence and mawkish sentimentality. So before I lament that Meg’s reign is over, and the new queen, and old queen’s pictures are out of the theatres, enjoy if you will, Meg as Rita Boyle in Prelude to a Kiss, just don’t try and overthink the premise.Meg Ryan (Rita)

Like the woman in The White Hotel people really do struggle their whole lives just to die in lime pits. And not just in books. Women go blind from watching their children being murdered.

Not in this country they don’t.

No they get shot on the sidewalk in front of their house in some drug war. What happened to you- passed from one parent to the next.

I survived.

I’ll be lying in bed late at night, and I’ll look at the light in the room, and I’ll see it all go up in a blinding flash, in flames, and I’m the only one left alive. And I can’t look at you sitting there without imagining you…..dying, bursting into flames.

No wonder you can’t sleep.

The world is a really terrible place. It’s too…precarious. And you want kids, obviously. I wish I could say I did.

It’s ok.

It's OK


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7 responses to “Dialogue#1- Rita Boyle and Peter Hoskins

  1. I’m so glad to see you posting again! Does that mean you decided to renew the site address?

    I haven’t watched Prelude in many, many years. I remember that I was in a Playwriting class when I saw it. And my instructor had gushed about the stage play so much, I had to see the movie.

    I liked the movie and I was surprised when it wasn’t a bigger hit than it was. I think mainstream audiences had a tough time with some of the odd subject matter that was accepted on the stage.

    • Hi Lebeau. Yes, I did, at the last minute, decide to renew the domain. I was wavering but you and RB helped to convince me, and I really appreciated those kind words.

      • I’m glad to hear it. The thought that you might let the site go at least in part due to the conversation we were having over at my site made my heart hurt.

        Getting back to the subject of the article, I had a similar experience. I just had it much, much later. I actually had a crush on Ryan pretty early on. Innerspace to be specific. Through much of their early careers, Ryan and Pfeiffer were neck-and-neck for my favorite actress. But if I had to pick, I would have given the edge to Pfeiffer.

        Much as I can pick the exact movie where my crush on Ryan began, I can also name when it ended. IQ. Ryan and I had been drifting. Sleepless in Seattle left me a little drowsy. French Kiss was sloppy. But IQ was just dumb. I was sick of Ryan phoning it in in one romantic comedy after another.

        Years passed. I lost track of both actresses which lead to the whole WTHH series. And that’s when we “met”. And frankly, you challenged my preconceived notions about Ryan’s career. Once I went back and watched some of her less-celebrated dramas, I came to really appreciate the range most audiences never got to see.

        That’s why I’m glad you decided to keep at it. I think you’re making converts all the time.

  2. Evi

    Hi Paul,

    It’s great to see new posts here!
    I watched Prelude to a Kiss last year, thanks to you, and despite the absurdity of the plot, I identified with Meg Ryan’s character because we share the same views about the world. The first part of the movie up until the switch was really good.

    p.s: to answer your question, the thought of clam chowder makes me queasy. :)

  3. Just gotta shout it out loud.…… to the few people still paying attention to this site: I never understood the appeal of Meg Ryan until watching Prelude to a Kiss the other day. Doubters, just see it. That is all.

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